Donation - Bridge Over Nations

Donation - Bridge Over Nations


In the above, we’ve presented our activities and achievements during the short history of our association, and on another tab, we’ve shown our activities planned for the future, the goals we have set for ourselves, and wish to achieve.

To continue moving forward and developing our activities, we need more human and financial resourcesMore human resources are necessary for us to be able to carry out the management of and support for our growing competitions in accordance with Your needs, and we need more financial resources to be able to recover our investments up to this point, as well as to obtain the funds necessary to achieve our future goals.

We are counting on Your generous help and donations, and we thank you in advance for any support and donations you are able to provide!

How can You support our association?


A. Natural persons

  1. By completing form no. 230, with which you can donate 3.5% of your personal income tax to the ASCS Bridge Over Nations sports association. You can download the form completed with the association’s information from here: ..... If you’ve decided to donate 3.5% of your income tax to help our association, please fill out the form with your personal data and hand it in to the National Agency for Fiscal Administration in person, or transmit it electronically, or via post until the 31st of March. If you have any uncertainties regarding the form, please contact us at the contact details provided below, and we will help you fill out the form, or even to hand it in via power of attorney.

    Form 230 - simpleForm 230 - needs validation

  2. By bank transfer: if you wish to donate this way to our association, you can do it via transfer to one of the following bank accounts:

    RON: RO22OTPV260000966948RO02

    EURO €: RO06OTPV260000966948EU01

    USD $: RO63OTPV260000966948US01

    HUF: RO53OTPV260000966948HU01


  3. By PayPal to our association’s PayPal account: 

  4. By Revolut (coming soon)

B. Judicial persons

  1. If You are a commercial enterprise, and pay corporation tax, then you can reduce the amount of tax you pay to the state with the amount of the donation you provide to the ASCS Bridge Over Nations association, taking into account the following limitations: up to 0,75% of your maximum revenue and up to 20% of the payable corporation tax. The maximum eligible donation amount is the smaller one of the two options presented above.

  2. If You are a microenterprise, the maximum eligible donation amount with which you can support eh ASCS Bridge Over Nations sports association is 20% of your quarterly payable corporation tax, which means you have to pay that much less in corporation tax to the state.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us via e-mail at:, or on the following phone number: 00 40 754 075 763 .

The bridge is a competitive sport, but at same time a form of social life, a way of having fun.