Goals - Bridge Over Nations

Goals - Bridge Over Nations



I. Development of the Romanian Online Challenge Championship:

  1. making the competition international, or organising a separate international Challenge championship
  2. Organisation of additional Challenge competitions down the line: a monthly Group Challenge competition, at the time of the round-numbered rounds: 40th, 50th, 60th, etc., organisation of special Challenge competitions
  3. We would also like to organise a monthly non-BEST HAND type CHALLENGE competition
  4. We would like to award the top three competitors (but at least the winner) with commemorative plaques, diplomas, commemorative T-shirts

II. Organisation of Bridge competitions 

  1. a. Organisation of a live pairs’ and groups’ MP championship around the time of the 100th challenge competition (May of 2022), expectedly in Băile Tușnad city, where we will await all Challenge participants, and where we wish to provide our most loyal competitors with discounts (if the pandemic allows the organisation of the championship, but if not, we will organise the event at a later time)
  2. În cele din urmă, dorim a organiza anual acest concurs, în jurul etapelor 150, 200, 250, etc.
  3. Organisation of other online (non-Challenge type) competitions

III. Organisation of Bridge courses

  1. Launching a beginner course for adults at AUTUMN of 2022, hopefully after the pandemic is over
  2. and launching beginner courses for students in classes XI-XII at 1-2 schools
  3. In the long term, we wish to launch online Bridge courses for small groups

IV. Development of our website

We would finally like to create our own website, and continuously develop it in accordance with the needs of our Bridge players, on a multilingual interface (Romanian, English and Hungarian)

The bridge is a competitive sport, but at same time a form of social life, a way of having fun.